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The quality of air circulating in many homes and business premises is not conducive for human habitation. In fact, experts have found that indoor air quality is significantly lower than the quality of air outdoors. Even with all the air pollution outdoors, the quality of air is still better than the indoor air quality at home. This is a mind boggling fact that begs the question, where did we go wrong? Well, there is a common misconception than simply having a well-functioning HVAC system is enough to improve air quality. The truth, however, is that it takes much more than that. Natals Air Conditioning has NATE-certified HVAC specialists who know everything about IAQ. They can help you improve the quality of air you breath at home or at the workplace.

Indoor Air Quality Service New Orleans LA

At Natals Air Conditioning, we know that improving indoor air quality helps to reduce respiratory problems. For instance, allergies, sinusitis and asthma cases can be reduced significantly by simply improving the IAQ in a building. This requires a number of things. First, there must be monitors in the building. For instance, a CO sensor, humidity monitor and temperature sensor must be installed. The CO sensor will warn you if there is CO gas in the room. This may be coming from the furnace or the neighbor’s apartment. Excessive humidity not only makes cooling difficult, but also makes it hard for you to breath. Furthermore, the excess moisture can condense on walls and the ceiling, which may lead to water damage. Most homes already have temperature sensors which activate the cooling and heating systems when temperatures rise or fall beyond the desired levels.

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When you schedule a service, you can expect our technicians to pay you a visit at the time you specified, assess your IAQ needs and offer recommendations. This may include; installation of humidifiers or dehumidifier, sensors and air purifiers which are capable of capturing pollen and other minute airborne particles. They will do the installation and test everything before they leave to ensure your indoor air quality has improved significantly.

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