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Electrical Services in New Orleans, LA

Amateur electricians are a dime a dozen these days. That’s not because electrical work is easy, it’s because honest, trustworthy, and honorable electricians are becoming harder and harder to find in a sea of ever increasing contractors. We’d like to save you the ensuing web searches and just tell you right now that you won’t find better service that exceeds your expectations than the team here at Natal's Air Conditioning.

We’re a team full of NATE and BPI certified technicians who operate under the principle of following the golden rule. We don’t treat homeowners any differently than we want them to treat us, which means we’ll treat your home electrical systems with the same care that you treat us. By forming a strong bond with us, you’re giving yourself access to years of technical knowledge and expertise that you can use whenever you want, day or night.

Contact our team today for top-notch electrical services in New Orleans, LA. Service honoring the golden rule.

Electrical Installation

What kinds of electrical installation services do we provide? That’s a great question! Below, we’ve listed just a few of the categories where our expertise really shines. We offer the following:

We understand that this might seem like a lot, and it definitely is! Electrical expertise like this is not something you come across every day, and we’re on a mission to make it easier for homeowners in New Orleans, LA who are looking for comprehensive electrical care. There’s only one place that you need to go to in order to have your electrical systems, like the ones mentioned above, worked on—and that’s us!

Call Our Electricians for Replacement Services

If you’re like other homeowners in New Orleans, LA, it’s likely that you’ve had electrical service performed at one point by an amateur or a family member. While we heavily discourage it, we realize that homes are built over time with different types of service over the years of their lives. That means, if you’ve got a faulty system that was installed by an amateur, we can be the professionals to replace it.

Electrical replacement services don’t have to be complicated or take forever. In fact, they can make your life a whole lot easier with a licensed electrician. Our technical training and expertise grant you access to long term solutions that end up saving you money in the long run. If that sounds like a good idea, call one of our master electricians and ask about one of our various services mentioned above!

24-Hour Electrical Repairs in New Orleans

Let’s say you’ve got a dryer outlet or a surge protection system that’s not in the best shape it should be. Do you just bite the bullet and ask a family member to take a look at it? Or perhaps you pay a huge overhead price to just have it removed and a new system installed? Nonsense! If the problem is fixable, our team can be the licensed electricians to provide sensible electrical repair at a price you can afford.

We also offer electrical maintenance as a way of combatting these repair needs before they arise. That’s because professional routine maintenance, year after year, is a great way to ensure that your electrical system is in good shape for the future. Let our New Orleans, LA electricians give you the green light that your electrical system is solid for the years to come!

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