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Repiping in New Orleans, LA

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Your plumbing pipes age like any other part of your home, but you may not realize that you need to have your home partially or completely repiped. Natal's Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical can help you find out if you need repiping done and to what extent, then get the job done fast, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We’ll be honest about your needs and work with you in a consultative capacity.

  • Honorability—we always do the right thing
  • Pricing before the work is done
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

We have 50 years of experience in the Greater New Orleans area helping homes with plumbing, and we’ve earned a reputation for exceptional workmanship and customer service. We always treat customers the way we would like to be treated.

Contact our team today! Service honoring the golden rule.


Pipe Installation

Homeowners that have just bought their first home or are looking to install pipes where there weren’t any before might already be weary of the cost. We’re not just talking about the cost of piping services, but the cost of a job poorly done that needs to be replaced in only a few years. Quality, thorough pipe installation services are meant to last decades, giving you a chance to breathe, save your money, and look into maintenance services for the time being.

Whether it’s a drainpipe installation, or a faucet line installation, our plumbers have the necessary tools and experience to get the job done right. Unlike our competitors, we give you the prices in detail before we perform the work, so we can have a discussion about what kinds of solutions you want in your home, and what kind of budget we should work with. Call our New Orleans, LA experts today!

Plumbing Replacement

What if you already had your home’s pipes installed by a family member or an amateur and they’re starting to show problems only a few years later? Or perhaps it’s been decades since your pipes were installed and you’ve been noticing some problems lately. This could call for our professional pipe replacement services.

This is a long-term solution for homes that need reliable plumbing for decades to come. If your pipes are faulty due to improper installation, or just from age or wear, then a pipe replacement job could be the perfect solution that lasts. Gone are the days of thinking about what kinds of repairs will be needed in the near future, avoid those costs by having your whole system replaced by our pros.

Whole Home Repiping

Just because we live down by the bayou doesn’t mean we don’t need water in our sinks and showers! From laundry machines to toilets, our community in New Orleans, LA really depends on our pipes to live like the rest of the country. We provide whole home repiping services, as well as pipe repair and drain repair so that your home can stay in the condition that you’d like it to. It doesn’t matter what your pipes currently look like, we promise we can help you.

By calling our team, you get what you pay for. Honest technicians who operate with integrity and honorability. We honor the golden rule, meaning we’ll treat your home like we’d want someone to treat our own homes.