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Heating in New Orleans, LA

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The Greater New Orleans area has its share of colder days, enough to make a home heating system a necessity. Natal's Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical is the honest, reliable, and skilled HVAC contractor who’ll bring heat to your home. We work with a range of systems, including furnaces and heat pumps, and offer complete heating repair, replacement, and maintenance services as well as installation.

  • Honorability—we always do the right thing
  • Honesty—we always tell the truth
  • Pricing before the work is done

We honor the golden rule in all that we do, treating customers the way we would like to be treated. Our skilled technicians are ready to help you with 24/7 emergency heating service, and they’ll see that your heater gets back to work for your family.

Contact our team today! Service honoring the golden rule.


Heating Installation in New Orleans

The first and most important priority with residential heating services is providing a great heating solution from the beginning. This means discussing your options with you, providing excellent installation services, and making sure it exceeds expectations when it first turns on. Here’s what we offer:

Heating Replacement

Heaters don’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with subpar heating solutions. Homeowners are often scared to call a professional team for replacement because of how much of a hassle it can be. With us, we can make the transition as easy as possible, with expert boiler services or gas furnace services and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Heaters need to be properly sized and replaced with a team of professionals. When you compromise your heater replacement quality, you’re compromising your budget, your comfort, and your efficiency. We also offer smart thermostat services to help increase your HVAC system’s efficiency. By working with us, you’re at least ensuring that you get the peace of mind you deserve when replacing your system.

NOLA Heating Repairs

Are you dealing with a faulty system? Take a look at some of the signs below and see if your heater is suffering the same fate.

  • Strange noises. Is your heater making a banging or clanging sound when you’re trying to sleep at night? This isn’t normal and should be dealt with accordingly.
  • High heating bills. When a heater begins to struggle with efficiency, it will cause your bills to skyrocket. By getting your heater repaired, you can cut those bills down to size.
  • Cool air. An ineffective heater is not worth the money we spend on it. If your heater is depositing cold air in your house, call us as soon as possible.
  • Bad smells. Bad smells with a gas furnace or other system can signify a flammable gas leak or carbon monoxide leak. Keep your family safe by calling us.

Heating Maintenance

Did we mention that we offer a thorough heating system maintenance plan? When you sign up with a team like ours to address your heater with a heating tune up, you’re setting yourself up for success. Our maintenance plan has several key benefits that will keep you happy and your heater hot.

Maintenance when grouped with repairs and replacement by professionals, is the best you can hope for in terms of quality heating care. Call us to schedule an appointment today.