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About Us

At Natal's Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical, we promise to always do the right thing. But what does “do the right thing” actually mean? For us it means always treating our customers with the respect and dignity we would want others to show to us—upholding the “golden rule.” That’s much more than our slogan. It’s our service philosophy and our promise to our customers. If you’re unused to contractors treating you like this, you’ll discover what an incredible difference it makes. We are always honest, upfront, and transparent, and we leave the important decisions to your preferences rather than trying to force products or services on you.

Established in 1974, Natal's Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical was founded on the core values of honoring our customers. We’re committed to offering fair prices and always providing cost estimates before we start any work. Our 50 years of service to New Orleans has made us dedicated to the comfort and happiness of the community. If you’re looking for a heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical contractor who prioritizes fairness and affordability, reach out to us today.

Contact our team today! Service honoring the golden rule.

A Consultative Approach

Homeowners are in charge of their own homes in New Orleans, LA, and no HVAC technician or master plumber can change that. Just because a plumber or electrician tells you that you’ll need a repair or installation, doesn’t mean you have to say yes. Our customers enjoy our service so much because we understand that principle, and we demonstrate it through our own approach that we’ve named "the consultative approach." We’re experts at what we do. This means that the ultimate decision of what happens to your home belongs to you. We don’t want to make any decisions for you. It’s a simple concept—we give you our honest and expert opinion, we tell you how much it might cost, and we let you decide what option is right for you. Take a deep breath, you’re no longer at the behest of an amateur that’s just trying to make a buck off you.

Honorable Professionals in New Orleans, LA

If you know anything about our team, then you know that we pride ourselves on being honorable. This means that all the work we perform is rooted in honesty and integrity. We want you to come to us and know that you’re getting quality service. This is why we’re BPI, NCI, and NATE certified. It’s also why we make sure that you can call us anytime—day or night. We only want to do the work that’s going to keep your home in great shape. We’re professionals, and we’re here to help.

Natal’s Vision Statement: We are a Whole Home Service Team that provides unique & innovative solutions to our customers for a healthy & comfortable home.

Natal’s Mission Statement: To enhance the lives of our team and our customers.

Natal’s Core Values:

Growth & Knowledge: We strive to learn new & innovative ways through expanding our knowledge personally & professionally to serve our customers. We constantly uplifting & encouraging forward momentum in not only ourselves but everyone around us.

Teamwork: We are a group of diverse people who help one another play to his or her strength towards a common goal, vision to grow the company & offer the best customer service and products to the customer.

Passionately Committed: Our ability to push through a bad day and still provide honest, high quality products, customer service and healthy fun work environment because we love what we do.

Service Honoring the Golden Rule: We treat everyone better then how we want to be treated showing compassion and empathy. We back our products and services 100% by doing the right thing.

Integrity: We do the right thing even when no one is watching by holding ourselves to a higher standard, more than just being accountable, wanting to be held accountable.

Communication: Listen to understand and not to respond.