Video Inspection In New Orleans, Slidell, Metairie

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Video Inspection

Many modern tools have improved the accuracy of plumbing diagnostics. One such tool is video inspection and location equipment. Whether you are looking to buy a new property, having a problem with an existing drain, or just want to check the condition of your existing drains, a drain video inspection will typically give you an accurate review of the condition of your drain piping.

When buying a new home, one major cause for concern is the sewer and drain system. Problems with these piping systems can set back new home-owners thousands of dollars for the unaware. The best way to get a general idea of the drain system’s condition is via a video inspection. We can check out the main lines from cleanouts and roof top drain vents. A recording of everything we see is performed and available to the customer. A general plot plan is drawn of the piping we video to get a layout of the drains. Any problems that are found on the inspection are documented and a free estimate given for repairs.

Existing drains in your home can become too costly to keep up with if the problem is unknown. Sometimes these clogs can become un-clearable whether it be from a collapsed sewer, or extensive root intrusion. With a video inspection after proper drain cleaning, we can get a clear picture and/ or location of problems in walls, under concrete, or through the ground. Once the problem area is located, options can be presented for the best course of action for the customer.

Sometimes problem with drains can be avoided before they start. A video inspection of a drain system can indicate problems that are starting to arise. These problems may be able to have spot repairs or drain cleaning instead of waiting until something happens that may result in more pipe failure.

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