Your AC needs a spring cleaning too

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May 14, 2017
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Your AC needs a spring cleaning too

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As you start thinking about spring cleaning and getting your home ready for summer, it’s important that you don’t forget the one thing that is everywhere in your home; the air! Yes, it can be easy to forget about your AC unit because it is probably in some dark corner of your house, out of sight. However, cleaning your AC and ducts will drastically improve your quality of life this summer.

You want to spend your summer out on the town, enjoying the sunshine and your favorite outdoor activities. You want to feel alive this summer and when you come home, you don’t want to be greeted by a stale, sweltering house. A dirty or poorly maintained AC will do just that.

Scheduling an AC cleaning service in New Orleans, LA is something a lot of folks are doing this time of year in preparation for the summer months. It’s best done before the worst of the heat hits. After a long winter of inactivity your AC and ducting is dirty and dusty. It may even need some minor repairs done. Natal’s Air Conditioning is your best choice when it comes to a servicing or AC cleaning service in New Orleans, LA.

We have tons of experience and a friendly staff ready to help you. We know how important clean and cool air is in this town. Whether you’re from the area, or you just moved here, we can all agree that this summer is going to be hot. You’re going to want your AC to be in top working order.

While you are doing your spring cleaning this year add a few extra steps to ensure that your AC unit can perform at it’s best this summer.

● Check under furniture for vents

If there are AC vents under your furniture, they aren’t doing you any good. In fact, they are wasting your money cooling down your couch instead of your house. Be sure to either move your furniture to allow them to do their job, or close them so that the air can be redirected to other parts of your house.

● Close vents in unused spaces

Similarly, if you have AC vents in your basement or an extra room that you only use for storage, close those too. You don’t need to pay to keep those areas cold. A basement will naturally stay colder than the rest of the house. If you redirect all that cold air to the upper floors then your house will cool more quickly and efficiently.

● Change your AC filter

This is an obvious step and it is incredibly important. Your AC filter won’t only run less efficiently, it can also cause a greater risk of malfunction and damage to the unit. Changing your filter once a month during high use months like the late spring and summer is a great way to keep your air clean and your AC unit at full power.

And lastly, put an AC cleaning service in New Orleans, LA on your spring cleaning list. Make a call to Natal’s Air Conditioning today at (504)821-0005. We will be pleased to help you enjoy your summer and stay healthy and happy all year round.