4 Simple Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips Everybody Needs

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March 12, 2017
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4 Simple Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips Everybody Needs

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Having an Air Conditioning system at home is more or less, like having a teleporter to a world where everything is perfect… Well, maybe not everything, but at least the temperature, and let’s be honest, if the temperature in the room is perfect, everything else seems better. Of course, that beautiful construction of a reality can be shattered the second the AC starts to present problems, and no one likes those. You don’t have to despair when this happens though. Getting in touch with professionals might fix everything in no time, but, since being safe is better than being sorry, we have some tips for you to maintain your AC from breaking down and ruining your day.

Have it checked by professionals

Once a year, at least, is the recommended amount of checkings you should have on your AC system. Letting professionals do it, will ensure that the results you get are of the highest quality and it also diminishes the risk of something accidentally going wrong. Of course, anyone could learn how to do it, but why take the chance when there are perfectly qualified people that can ensure things go safe and sound?

Have it periodically cleaned

Hiring an AC cleaning service in New Orleans LA can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your Air Conditioning system at home. In the end, regular checks and maintenance end up paying for themselves, since proper care guarantees a long and functional life for each machine. During summer, AC systems condensate on the inside and this can be a toxic invitation to mold. Having mold at home poses a great hazard and increases the chances of respiratory diseases and future complications. Cleaning your AC before the first use in the year not only stops mold from developing within, but also gets rid of dust buildup that otherwise might happily fly into your nose, and more importantly in your family’s.

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Check for anomalies

Are the blades in the fan rusty? Broken? Do they have any visible cracks? If you see anything out of the ordinary in your AC unit it’s necessary to call a professional for either advice or assistance. Natal’s Air Conditioning is always there for you not only offering a high quality over the top customer and technical service but also we are more than proud to say that all of our technicians are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified. This allows us to find and address even the tiniest detail to ensure your satisfaction and the quality of our service.

Make sure the outside unit is always clean and unblocked

Regularly check that there’s no leaves or anything stopping the machine from running as it should. In seasons like Fall, we would advise keeping a close eye on everything since broken branches and other small elements might fall in and cause some trouble inside the unit. Also, make sure that if you see anything inside that doesn’t belong, you should first try to remove it carefully without forcing anything too hard as it might cause damage. If it looks like a complicated task you can give us a call. We have 24-hour service and we care about our customers and their satisfaction.

We at Natal’s Air Conditioning are a family run business with years of experience. If you need an installation, maintenance or simply require our AC cleaning service in New Orleans LA, do not hesitate to contact us at 504-821-0005. Even if it’s just to say hi, we’ll always be there for you.