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Attic Fans in New Orleans, LA

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The attic of a home can become superheated during the summer, and this heat will affect other parts of the house. An attic fan pumps out this heat to cool the attic, which not only lowers the temperature of the house, it helps to protect the roof. Contact Natal's Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical if you’re looking for an attic fan installation in the Greater New Orleans area. We have 50 years of experience serving homes like yours.

  • Honorability—we always do the right thing
  • Pricing before the work is done
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We take pride in our certified electricians and the work they do. They’re skilled and courteous, and they’ll treat you the way they would want to be treated. Trust them for any attic fan service you may need.

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Attic Fan Installation

Having your new attic fan installed doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a team like ours, we prioritize honesty and honorability, especially when it comes to pricing and what your home needs. Contact our electricians today so that we can discuss what type of attic fan works for you. We perform attic fan installation for models that are conventional, as well as for solar attic fans and other more unconventional models.

Attic Fan Replacement

What if you’ve already got an attic exhaust fan that just isn’t working to the specifications you need? If your attic is reaching unbearable temperatures and you’re wasting energy on an attic fan system that’s just not doing reliable work, then you might qualify for attic fan replacement services. We can remove the old and worn down attic fan and make sure it is replaced by a long-lasting replacement that will keep your attic from overheating and will allow your New Orleans, LA HVAC systems to function efficiently.

Attic Fan Repairs in New Orleans

Not every faulty attic fan should be replaced, and that’s why we offer comprehensive attic fan repair services. Sometimes there’s just a single component in the system that’s struggling, and one of our professional technicians can be in and out in less than one day to perform the repair as needed. Contact our team today for quality attic fan repair at an affordable rate that we promise will be worth your while.