Air Conditioner Installation in Metairie Louisiana

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June 23, 2016
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July 29, 2016
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Air Conditioner Installation in Metairie Louisiana

Preparing your home for all kinds of temperatures can make it more comfortable for the entire year. Homeowners need to feel that the heat of the summer will not drive them out of their homes. If your air conditioning does not work properly, it is time to plan an AC installation.

Air Conditioner installation service Metairie LA is an excellent place to call to complete the work.  It will be completed quickly and on schedule. The original quote for the installation will be honored allowing you to keep your budget.  Our well trained professional technicians will perform the installation so that in a short time you’ll be enjoying the comfortable environmental changes within your home.

After your home is evaluated to determine the best possible installation of air conditioning, the technicians will check the sealing and insulation of your home.  Next your home will be measured to determine the size of the system needed to cool your home.  This will also affect which equipment that will be selected.  Finally, our technicians will match the ductwork to the system that’s to be installed.

This installation will be accompanied by a mechanical warranty for the equipment and a labor warranty for the install work.  You will receive an owner’s manual for the newly installed system, plus you will get one on one instruction on how to operate your new AC.  The life of your new AC is up to 20 years and sometimes longer depending on the unit purchased. As a new unit the efficiency will be impressive and should offer remarkable comfort in the coming years.

A new AC installation will increase the value of your home. Not only will the residents of the home experience new and improved levels of comfort, they will have the confidence of knowing their air cooling is due to a lasting and efficient use of energy.