Fixture Replacement and Repairs In New Orleans, Slidell, Metairie

Fixture Replacement And Repairs In Metairie, Kenner, Harahan, Marrero, Harvey, Gretna, River Ridge, Jefferson, New Orleans, Algiers, Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, Madisonville, Lacomb, LA

Fixture Replacement and Repairs

Faucets and fixture problems are probably the most common plumbing service needed. Luckily, theses are usually the most affordable to undertake. Most older faucets and fixtures have common repair parts available today to fix those drippy faucets or running toilets. Sometimes people decide repairing those old faucets and fixtures are not worth it due to corrosion or their out of date appearances and function. Either way, we can give you options for both.

Faucet and fixture repairs are intended to be straight forward. Most common faucets and fixtures have readily available parts. These can usually be repaired right away with minimum risk and time. Some of your more premium products and uncommon designs may have to be special ordered, if available at all due to manufacturer discontinuation. A common issue is corrosion on faucets making it near impossible to take apart for repair without damaging the unit. Water alone deteriorates parts, and many common cleaning products make matters much worse. 

An easy way to change the appeal of your bathroom and kitchen areas is with new faucets and fixtures. Those outdated styles, colors, or heavily corroded faucets and fixtures may not be very appealing to most people now days. Most of the time these items can be removed and replaced without any trouble. Current faucets and fixtures have many options available. Your more common faucet finishes are chrome and brushed nickel/ stainless. Many look to the more aged look finish of oil rubbed bronze for the very stylized dark chocolate brown with copper undertones. There are options for single handle to two handle faucets, from basic function to hands free motion detection. Some faucets can have foot metal activation to a simple touch on function. Kitchen faucets can have standard side sprayers to pull out/ down sprayers all in one on the spout. 

Bathroom toilets and fixtures can make a big change in a bathroom from look to performance. Modern toilets use less water and can have a more powerful flush due to engineering improvements. Common colors are white and bone/ almond. Smaller bathrooms will go with a round front toilet. Bathrooms with more space available with go with an elongated toilet. Toilets can come in standard height to more comfort/ handicap height. Depending on your bathroom and taste, you can get more sleek designs with very little defining lines, to very squared off and stylized designs. Standard wood frame toilets are available, as well as more hygienic solid plastic seats. Seats come in standard to slow close. Bathtubs and showers come in sectional designs meant for renovations in existing homes. New homes will usually come with a large 1-piece tub and shower unit that is nearly impossible to get in or out whole in existing homes. Tubs and showers can have built in seats, water massage jets, walk in handicap accessibility, shelving, shallow tubs to deep soaker models.

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