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There Are Plenty of Heating Options

With the new Inflation Reduction Act and SEER2 regulations, a lot of people are starting to talk about HVAC systems. When it comes to heating in particular, people are concerned that they’re going to be paying more for their standard furnaces and other conventional heating systems because of the demand for high-efficiency systems.

Well, in truth the cost of HVAC systems is rising, but that’s only if you keep your options limited to what’s conventional. There are actually many different types of heating systems out there, each with its own unique benefits and abilities, giving you more options than you might have otherwise thought.

This blog post is designed to go over all of your potential options when investing in heating installation in Kenner, LA. We’ll talk about every system, from your conventional gas furnace to a radiant heating unit that can use electricity to warm up the whole house.


Furnaces are the most common heating system in the country. They use natural gas fuel or electricity to create heat that warms the air in your home. Also known as a “forced-air heater” because of the way it heats the air and then forces it through the vents, furnaces are as reliable and affordable as they come.

Gas or Electric?

When investing in a furnace, you have the option of going gas or electric. A gas furnace is going to run affordably and many customers choose them because of the sheer power that can come from a gas furnace. However, they require carbon monoxide detectors and they do use natural gas which is a fossil fuel.

Electric furnaces only use electricity and are better for homes without access to natural gas, or for customers who are on a tighter budget. These systems are affordable and built for all-electric heating.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work like air conditioners except they can also function in reverse. They’re energy efficient and powerful because they move heat from one location to another, instead of creating heat like the other systems on this list.

Your Heating and Cooling Solution

Heat pumps might be more expensive than other systems mentioned here, but that’s for good reason. They’re highly efficient, all-electric, and they can function both as heaters and air conditioners, making our hot and muggy summers more comfortable inside.

Radiant Heaters

People don’t really use boilers that often down here, but they do use electric radiant heating systems. These systems, also known as “base-board heaters” are coils that heat up due to electrical resistance, placed in strategic areas of your home to radiate warmth so that you can feel it.

If you remember your high school chemistry or physics class, you’ll know that heat rises. Well, if heat is radiating from your baseboards or floorboards, then it’s going to rise up and warm up everything in your home pretty efficiently. These are great if you enjoy the feeling of radiant heat instead of forced-air heating like the systems listed above.

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