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Does Your Kitchen Sink Make a Sound?

Strange sounds are not good when it comes to plumbing systems and drains. They tend to be a sign that something isn’t good and might actually be getting worse under the hood. Sure, your garbage disposal can make a noise, and the actual sound of the faucet running should obviously make a noise, but we’re talking about the drain.

Sounds like gurgling, dripping, and bubbling are noises that a clog might be forming and that you need professional drain cleaning services. As fall approaches and we start cooking holiday meals for our families and friends, kitchen plumbing in Metairie, LA becomes more and more important. Let this blog serve as a reminder that your plumbing should be in good shape to handle the tasks ahead!

Let’s discuss drain noises and what they mean. We want all of our potential customers to be confident that they can call us when they detect a problem.

The Noises Your Drain Can Make

Here are just some noises that a drain can make when it needs professional attention.


If your drain is gurgling, then that’s usually a signal that a clog is starting to form. Without a clog, a drain can run quietly and efficiently since it doesn’t run into anything blocking it or impeding the flow. But when water hits a blockage, it can create air bubbles and start messing with the efficient flow.

Think of a river that runs smoothly. If it hits a rock or some clear blockage in the river, you’ll be able to see and hear the water as it tries to compensate for the force and momentum, and find a new path. This can lead to air bubbles forming, as well as the creaking of pipes as pressure changes come about.


Drains can leak, and dripping is usually a good indication that your drain is leaking somewhere. Try to pinpoint where the dripping sound is coming from and locate it. However, if it looks like it’s behind a wall or in a crawlspace, then we’d kindly ask you to contact a professional.

Going too far in trying to locate a leaking drain or pipe can lead you into a tight area or places where you’re not supposed to be. We understand that it’s your house, and you’re allowed to go anywhere inside of it, but you might accidentally break something or cause more damage as a result. Our team has specialized equipment that sometimes can help us locate a leak and navigate tight areas.


Though it can be debated whether silence is a sound or not, in this case, it’s an important thing to consider. If your drain isn’t making any sounds at all and is rather just stopped up, this is a problem! Drain clogs can often make noises as they form, but once they’re there, they’ll be quiet as they hold up all of the wastewater in your drain from emptying out.

A drain should make some noise as it gets rid of wastewater and contaminants. If it doesn’t, then it might not be flowing at all and you might need to call a professional for drain cleaning services.

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