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The Three Rules of AC Replacement

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Earlier in the summer, we had a blog post dedicated to detecting the signs that your air conditioner might be on its way to retirement. Still, we didn’t necessarily cover the topic as thoroughly as we could’ve. Air conditioning replacement in Mandeville, LA is a complex topic, and there are a lot of things that are going to differentiate each situation from the next. For instance, we’d argue that recent trends in inflation and certain markets have made it very difficult for homeowners to even think about replacing their air conditioners.

Well, when it comes to budgeting correctly, we’d like to talk about the “three rules” of AC replacement. Each of these deals with a concrete number that you can use in your budget calculations to determine if an AC replacement is going to be a smart or silly financial decision.

Just make sure you ask us about any questions you might have, or call us for a comfort consultation if you need more help.

The Rule of 5,000

Here’s the first rule. We titled it the rule of 5,000, but it’s actually fairly simple in case you don’t have a calculator nearby.

This rule basically instructs you to take the age of your air conditioner in years and multiply it by the cost of a repair that’s required. If the resulting number is higher than 5,000 then it’s a good idea to replace the system instead of investing in the repair.

For instance, if the repairs are around $1,000 and the system is 7 years old, when you multiply those numbers together you get 7,000 meaning you’re better off just replacing the system!

The Rule of Half

Here’s another simple rule. When you need an AC repair, or a series of repairs in order for the system to work at peak efficiency, add them all up and match them to the cost of a new replacement. If your repair costs equal half or more of the cost that a new replacement would be, then we’d argue a replacement is almost always more cost-effective.

Remember, we’re trying to be cost-effective for the future, which means making decisions that might cost more now but will leave you more comfortable and save you more money in the future!

The Old-Age Rule

This is probably the easiest rule of all! If your air conditioner is older than 10 years in age, you should probably take the opportunity to replace it, since this is around when air conditioners begin to break down and retire. That’s it!

Come Up With Your Own Rules!

We don’t have to be the arbiters of air conditioning replacement rules. Every home and every budget is going to be different, and a new AC system might be a better investment for you than for someone else.

For instance, if you’re just dissatisfied with your air conditioning currently, then you might better off with a different system to replace your current one, like a ductless mini split or a centralized heat pump. This decision can only really be reached by you, so we’d urge you to come up with your own rules about when feeling uncomfortable or spending more money is acceptable.

Natal’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical will walk you through an AC replacement from start to finish. Service Honoring the Golden Rule.

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