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lightning storm

Tropical storms and hurricanes are abound this season. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw lightning and heard thunder every day until hurricane season was over. Unfortunately, this is just a daily reality here in Louisiana, and we have to make the best of it. Our homes are constantly being retrofitted to stand against the stormy weather and keep us protected.

How well protected is your electrical system? Power surges can be dangerous, debilitating, and downright terrible for your electrical system. They can blow out your power, destroy your electrical devices, and become a fire hazard if you’re not careful. That’s why services exist for surge protection in New Orleans!

Today, we’re going to talk a bit about why surge protection services are so important and how they can really help you while the storms rage on. We promise that a whole home surge protector can keep you safe throughout the season.

How It Works

How exactly does a surge protector work? For many homeowners who have never dealt with the effects of a power surge, they might think of this kind of thing as optional. However, once you understand just how surge protection works, we promise you’ll know that it’s absolutely not optional and is a necessary service in keeping your home safe.

The Science of a Thunderstorm

When a thunderstorm happens, what do you observe? Well, first would probably be the rain that begins to pour as thunderstorms are usually accompanied by heavy rain. Secondly would probably be the thunder booming in the distance. The last thing you notice would be the lightning sparking the sky. These all work together to produce a thunderstorm.

Thunderstorms strike through a change in pressure and temperature that creates an electrical charge. This then sparks a huge amount of energy rushing in a certain direction. Sometimes that energy goes upwards, sideways, or right into the ground where your home might be. If your home gets struck by lightning, or a nearby power line does, things can get a little wonky.

That excess energy can start pushing backwards through the energy line into your home. Your devices are used to sucking up small amounts of electrical power, but when a lightning strike hits your home, your TV or computer might get injected with more power than it would ever see in its lifetime. Devices will be destroyed, your electrical system will shut down, and you could see sparks that lead to the start of a fire!

How Surge Protection Helps

Surge protection takes advantage of a scientific process called “grounding.” When your home gets inundated with thousands of volts of electrical energy from a lightning strike, a surge protector will send that energy into the ground where it dissipates harmlessly. Your electrical system, devices, and personal safety will remain protected while the energy is released where it can go back to mother nature.

It might seem like a niche reason to invest in something, but protection is all about keeping your home safe in case you become the victim of a lightning strike. And here in New Orleans, lightning comes around more often than many other places.

Call Natal’s Air Conditioning for serious protection from lightning storms. Service honoring the golden rule.

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