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Uh Oh, Hear That? It’s Time for Furnace Repair

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There are few iconic duos that fit together more than uncomfortable noises and a malfunctioning furnace. Sometimes homeowners can close their eyes and remember distinctly that sound that drove them to call us for help. These noises can range from nuisances, to downright scary.

We want to accomplish two things in this blog. The first thing we want to do is reassure you that the noises your furnace is making, no matter how scary they sound, are just noises. As long as you shut the system down and call us for help, we promise you will be fine.

The second thing we want to accomplish is to list out some of the most common noises a furnace makes and clue you in as to what they mean. We’ll talk about why it’s so important that, depending on the noise, you schedule furnace repair in Metairie, LA. Take a look below at our comprehensive furnace noise guide.

The Rattles

Rattling doesn’t sound like much. It might sound similar to a baby toy sitting in the other room, but we promise this is definitely something to take seriously. For starters, rattling can signify that something is loose in your heater that needs to be fixed. From a loose screw, to a part that’s not securely fastened, it should absolutely be fixed.

Think about it this way—rattling can also cause other problems as well. A rattling screw might not sound like a big deal, until it bumps into the heat exchanger. This can then cause it to crack, and cause your furnace to start leaking gas and exhaust fumes that are dangerous to inhale. What we’re saying is, don’t neglect this issue because you “think” it might not be a big deal. It definitely can be!


Booming might sound exciting or scary in the movies, but it’s not very exciting when it comes from your heater. A boom can represent an amount of grime that’s built up on your gas burners to the point where they can’t properly ignite the fuel. This means the fuel buils up in the combustion chamber to the point where it all ignites at once, causing a miniature explosion. While this might not sound that bad in theory, a small explosion can lead to other issues in your heating system. Remember that cracked heat exchanger we just briefly mentioned? That can happen as a result of booming too!

Loud Screeching

Screeching is never a good sign, especially if it’s loud. Shrieking or screeching noises could signify a lack of lubricant in the system, a freying belt, or some other problem that needs to be addressed pronto.


Most heating systems also use electricity to turn on and off. If there’s an electrical problem, either the system isn’t getting enough power or it’s got faulty components, it will make a buzzing sound. We can get this problem fixed quickly.

Call Us!

If you were to take anything away from this blog, aside from the helpful factoids about heater noises, it should be that we’re always around to help. Only a team of diligent professionals can provide the heater repair you need.

Contact Natal’s Air Conditioning today. Service honoring the golden rule.

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