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The Best Benefits of Professional Duct Cleaning

Right now we are in between seasons. Summer is coming to a close and temperatures are cooling down as we head into fall. If you haven’t had your ductwork cleaned in a while, now is a great time to do that. If your ductwork is particularly dirty or has a lot of holes, you want to take care of these problems ahead of the winter season.

When you’re ready to schedule your duct services, including air duct cleaning in New Orleans, LA, give our team a call. After reviewing your ductwork, we can let you know if it is time to schedule duct cleaning or not. You can also keep reading to learn more about what happens during a duct cleaning and why the appointment is so important.

Indoor Air Quality

One of the top reasons to schedule a duct cleaning is to improve your indoor air quality. Sure, your air conditioner has an air filter that helps to capture some particles so that they don’t enter your system. But, some dust and dirt will always get in. It may just be a little bit here and there, but as the years go on these particles can really add up. As they settle into your ductwork, dust and dirt stir back up and re-enter the clean air to blow back out into your home. 

It’s a never ending cycle, no matter how much you clean your home. You should have your ductwork cleaned about every three to five years to stay ahead of the problem. By doing so, you’re investing in your indoor air quality to ensure that you don’t have too many allergens, bacteria, and viruses recirculating through the air on tiny dust and dirt particles.

Overall Efficiency

Duct cleaning is also an opportunity to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and help you save money. Air coming from your AC unit needs to be completely streamlined in order to flow through your network of ducts and out into your home. When dust particles stir up inside of the ductwork, they interfere with the airflow, so that it is not as streamlined. 

The result is less cool air reaching the walls of your house. Your air conditioner then begins working harder to get more cool air into your home so that it achieves your desired indoor temperature. In addition to increasing your monthly energy costs, this also put strain on your air conditioner and shortens the lifespan. But a duct cleaning every three to five years can help eliminate these concerns.

Opportunity for Duct Inspection

Duct cleaning is also an opportunity for us to inspect your ductwork and see if the network needs any other services. For example, one reason that you may have a lot of dust buildup inside of your ducts is that there are holes allowing more dust and dirt to get in from your attic. 

When we have a chance to inspect your ductwork, we can identify these holes or broken seals and make repairs. This is an investment in your indoor air quality to ensure that dust and dirt have fewer opportunities to get in. Your network of ducts should be completely airtight for the best cooling and indoor air quality results. 

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