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3 Tips to Save Money With Plumbing

For many people, 2023 has been a major year full of life changes. Perhaps you’ve started a new job, or maybe you’re getting ready to have kids in the house you just bought.

Regardless of where you are in life, we can bet that you’ve got a trusted plumbing system there to help you along the way.

However, a plumbing system can get expensive. The sheer amount of stress they go through every time homeowners flush a toilet, run a shower, or even do the dishes, can mean that they’re hoping and praying that it doesn’t collapse on you.

First of all, if your plumbing in Gretna, LA does collapse on you, we’re here to help. But also, we’d like to focus on preventing this kind of catastrophe. We’ll mainly cover some great tips that can help you save money on things like plumbing repairs, cleaning costs, and more.

1. Use Less Water

This can be a tricky tip, but it’s ultimately one of the best ones we can tell homeowners. If the whole family is taking long, 30 minute showers every single day, then you’re likely using a lot more water than you might otherwise.

Remember, all of the fresh water that goes through your pipes is ultimately being paid for by you. This means that hours of running water every single day equals a higher water bill at the end of the month, and less money in your pocket. And, depending on weather conditions, it can have a negative impact on your local community or agriculture.

Take time out of your day to monitor your water use. Shut off faucets and showers when you’re not using them and tighten up your water usage so you’re not wasting anything.

High-Efficiency Appliances

High-efficiency appliances like toilets and showerheads can be a great way to limit water usage without making a major life change. We can help you install those systems.

2. Install a Bidet

Tired of spending a large chunk of your budget on toilet paper every month? Try out a bidet!

It’s true that bidet systems are becoming more popular in the United States, especially here down south.

Bidets are more common and affordable than they ever have been. And, with a local plumber nearby, you can always call us for help if you need it to be installed without leaks or problems.

3. Fix Your Outdoor Leaks

That leaky hose outside might not be much of a problem compared to indoor leaks. After all, your garden plants and flowers are getting a great drink from that leak, so why should you bother getting it fixed?

Well, a leaking hose is going to cost you more money in the long run due to the fact that you have no control over how much water you’re using. It’s not unusual to see the water bill at the end of the month and be surprised with how high it is.

Instead, get that leak patched up by a professional plumber. Then, you can work on ways to collect rainwater so that you have better, natural irrigation for your plants. And most importantly, irrigation that you’re not paying for!

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