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Clogs Can Cause Contamination

You use your kitchen sink for a lot of things these days. There’s been quite a revolution in home cooking, baking, and organization in the past few years, and many people are just using their kitchens more. It’s a good thing!

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you spend a lot of time preparing for dinner and even hosting friends or family when they come over. It’s a place that has a lot of energy, so the last thing it should be is a health hazard.

If you’ve got a badly clogged kitchen sink, it could be a health hazard lying in wait. Hiring a professional for kitchen plumbing in River Ridge, LA isn’t just for your drains and home aesthetics–it’s also to prevent people from getting sick. Down below, we’ll explain how a clogged drain can actually be a particularly nasty health risk with some hidden negatives you might not have thought about.

Here’s How Contamination Works

Do you ever strain pasta or wash vegetables in the sink? This is one of the handy parts of having a clean sink to work with since there are many kitchen jobs that require it. If you get vegetables from your garden, or even from the grocery store, you likely wash them before using them or storing them. It’s just common sense, since there could be dirt or bacteria on them.

But if you’re going to wash your vegetables in a sink that’s full of contaminated water, then you’re doing more harm than good. Think about it, if there’s a clog which means you’ve got a puddle of dirty water in your sink, you could potentially be mixing the clean water coming from the spigot with the dirty water that’s clogged up.

Also, for straining pasta, that’s a lot of hot or warm water that might end up stuck in the sink, contaminating and further cooking the pasta. This is an easy way to get sick or uncomfortable at home when you’re serving food to people.

A clear drain is the only way that you can easily wash and strain foods in your home without getting anyone sick.

Slow Drains Are a Problem Too

Don’t think that slow drains are unrelated to this topic, because they can be just as bad as clogged drains. If it takes an hour for your sink to drain, that still means that you’re in danger of contaminating the food that’s being washed or worked with in the sink. Slow drains are similar to clogged drains, except they eventually drain out.

Multiple slow drains can also signal a sewer clog, which is another problem that you’ll need professional help with.

Get Your Drains Cleared By a Pro

Plunging and snaking your drain can be a pain, and even that might not be enough for certain stubborn clogs. Quick-fix chemical drain cleaners can end up only doing half the job and harming your drainpipes too.

Do yourself a favor and contact a professional plumber to handle this ASAP.

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