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How Expensive Is It to Ground Your Home?


At this point most of our customers know the difference between grounded outlets and ungrounded outlets. But for everyone else, we can start from scratch.

Grounded outlets are three-pronged outlets that are grounded, meaning they aren’t susceptible to power surges and fluctuations of the grid. Any excess power flowing through them just goes into the ground.

Ungrounded outlets are the two-pronged outlets, the ones that sometimes require an adapter for your devices. These outlets are ungrounded and can be susceptible to power fluctuations and more.

With so many of us depending on our devices on a day-to-day basis, we’d advise homeowners to get all of their outlets grounded. There’s literally no downside to having your outlets grounded by an electrician in Harvey, LA. The only issue is that it costs money.

So, how much money does it cost? Let’s get into some rough ideas.

Starting From Scratch

First of all, we’ve got bad news if your home hasn’t been updated in decades. Starting from scratch is a tough position to be in because it’s going to require the most expensive amount of electrical work. But, everyone has to start somewhere!

If your home has no grounded outlets, or just a few outlets that seem to be updated, then you’re likely looking at an ungrounded home. This means that not only will the outlets need to be replaced by a professional electrician, but the wiring will have to be replaced and grounded as well. This can be extensive work and cost multiple thousands of dollars to do.

We’re not saying it’s not worth it. On the contrary, this work is absolutely vital if you’d like to protect your devices and keep your home safe during power fluctuations or storms. Especially if you want GFCI outlets in your bathrooms or kitchen to keep yourself safe from electrical hazards, you’re going to need to work on grounding your home. This is just the start.

There’s Already Some Work Done

Do you already have a few grounded outlets in your home? That’s good news and it likely means that your house has had some grounding work done in it before. Hopefully it was a professional electrician, so those wires are in good shape and installed correctly.

The more outlets that are already grounded, the less intensive the work will need to be to ground your entire house. An electrician really only needs to work on the outlet and the connections if it’s ungrounded, all the grounded ones are in good shape.

Copper Wiring, an Electrical Panel, and More

Take a look at some of the components of your home. If you’ve got copper wiring that looks new, a newer electrical panel, and other appliances that seem to be in good shape, then an electrician is going to have an easier time grounding your outlets. This means they can work faster, do less extensive work, and cost you less money in the long run.

Just a Few Outlets

Last but not least, if you just have a few outlets that need to be grounded, then you’re looking at a minimal cost. It’s still worth it, but the good news is that you won’t need to break the bank to have your home grounded completely.

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