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What’s the Point of Plumbing Maintenance

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Technician servicing an hot-water heater

That might be a phrase you’ve never heard before. You might be thinking to yourself, “What does plumbing maintenance entail?” Sure, you’ve called our team for clogged drains, leaking pipes, and water heater problems, but you’ve never considered plumbing maintenance. Either your plumbing system has a problem or it doesn’t, right? Well, not really.

Plumbing maintenance is a service we offer that is can be thought of as preventative. That means it’s used to prevent problems from occurring in the future. All of those surprise plumbing issues can be avoided, (and for a cheaper cost mind you) and our plumbing maintenance services can be the difference. If you’ve considered calling a plumber in Metairie, LA because you’re not sure if your plumbing system is falling apart or in great shape, why not contact us for a plumbing maintenance appointment?

When It Matters

Plumbing systems are complicated. When you close your eyes and imagine your plumbing, you probably think of the complicated web of pipes, drains, and water systems that lie underneath your building’s foundation. Yes, it’s complicated, but to plumbers it’s a really simple thing to understand. They can tell when something is amiss or falling apart when most homeowners might not be able to. If you invest in plumbing maintenance, you could see yourself enjoying the following benefits.

Finding Repair Needs

Plumbing repairs might not always be obvious. This is why we get so many calls for emergency repairs—there’s usually a pipe that’s been barely hanging on for a few years, only for it to burst or leak on an inconvenient night and send a family panicking. What if our professional team could find that pipe before it breaks, replace it, and avoid the emergency encounter altogether? Wouldn’t that be much less stressful and easier?

Saving Money

Emergency plumbing needs are stressful, but that’s not the only thing that’s rough about them. They’re expensive, often incurring fees, and they take place sometimes at the most inconvenient hour. Seriously, anything you can do to avoid emergency plumbing problems like leaks or burst pipes, you should perform. Maintenance is one of those tasks that can help you avoid pesky plumbing problems that occur in the middle of the night by ensuring a professional finds them during the maintenance appointment.

The Health and Safety of Your Home

A pipe with a tiny leak in your basement might not sound like that big a deal. It’s especially not enough of a deal to convince you to invest in plumbing maintenance, right? Well, think again.

Even just a steady dripping pipe can leak gallons of water a year and cause mold to grow. Mold isn’t just damaging to the foundation and furniture of your home, but it can be devastating to your indoor air quality. Mold releases spores that will inevitably be inhaled by you and your family, causing sickness, allergies, and all sorts of other respiratory problems. By signing up for plumbing maintenance, we can locate any dripping pipes or problems with water and mold, making sure that your home is as safe and secure as it can possibly be.

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