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Warning Sounds From Your AC


There are several ways that your air conditioning system can send up a flare warning you that it’s malfunctioning. One of the most common is strange noises.

Modern air conditioners are designed to run at low sound volumes, producing a gentle white noise. If you hear an odd sound interrupt that white noise, or any noise that’s louder than normal, it’s a good idea to check into it. In many cases, you’ll need to have HVAC professionals inspect the system and see if it needs targeted repairs. 

Below is a list of the most common warning sounds you might hear from your AC. If you notice any of these, reach out for professional air conditioning repair in Kenner, LA from our team. Fast action can help prevent an emergency breakdown and stop your AC from wasting power.


These two sounds are big warnings that the AC has leaks in its refrigerant lines. A hissing sound means gaseous refrigerant is escaping, and bubbling means liquid refrigerant is escaping. Never delay when it comes to addressing possible refrigerant leaks, as they’ll eventually cause compressor burnout.


A high-pitched mechanical squealing is warning that the bearings in the motors are wearing down. If the bearings aren’t replaced soon, the motor itself will burn out. 


A mechanical grinding sound often means that a motor in the AC is in the middle of burning out. You may also notice an acrid odor along with the grinding sound. Technicians will need to replace the motor. 


The sound of metal-striking-metal is alarming, and it’s something you want investigated as soon as possible. The blower wheel may be misaligned in the blower assembly or a fan blade is bent, causing the blades to strike against the housing. If you keep running the AC, it will sustain further damage. 


A buzzing sound often suggests an issue with electrical components within the HVAC system. There are many different electrical malfunction possibilities, including loose wires, an accidentally grounded compressor, stuck relays, failing capacitors, and more. Please don’t tamper with the electrical components of your AC on your own.


This could be as simple as a loose panel door on the air conditioner’s cabinet. Make sure the door is latched and secure. If this isn’t the source of the noise, the AC probably has parts that are loose or coming loose inside it. Loose parts threaten to damage the internal components of the AC. 


Whistling sounds often indicate air leaks within the ductwork, an improperly sized air filter, or a clogged filter. It’s easy to correct filter problems: just replace the clogged or mis-sized air filter. For ductwork, you’ll need to have HVAC technicians. 

Keep in mind that attempting DIY fixes or ignoring these warning sounds will only make the problem worse—it won’t go away on its own. Always turn to licensed HVAC pros for your repairs: our technicians will diagnose the cause of the strange sound accurately and provide the targeted repair that will keep your AC running effectively and without energy waste.

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