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Why End of Season AC Maintenance Is Important

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It’s November, which means that most HVAC pros are talking less about air conditioners and more about heating systems. Even in our neck of the woods, we still rely on heating systems to keep our homes nice and cozy through the chilliest of nights.

That all being said, we need to discuss one final AC topic before we start talking about ways you can save on your heating bills. End-of-the-year AC repair in Mandeville, LA, as well as AC maintenance, is a necessity that we want homeowners to think about before they set their systems aside and wait for next spring.

We’re going to talk about how both of these vital services are necessary if your system is struggling, or hasn’t been maintained at all this year. We’ll also talk about why now might be the perfect time to fit in a final appointment before switching gears to the holiday season.

The Importance of AC Repairs Now

Look, if your air conditioner has a problem, we understand that it can feel good to have made it through most of the fall without a hitch. Now you can finally take a deep breath and focus on staying warm for the rest of the winter, right? Well, not exactly.

Here’s an important rule to remember about air conditioner repairs as we get into the late stages of fall: AC problems never get better on their own, they only get worse. This means that leaving your struggling AC to gather dust while you start it back up next spring can set you up for a pretty difficult time.

Why not call our team for repairs now while they’re still fresh in your mind? We can fix your system and stop the issue from compounding into bigger problems down the line!

Late Maintenance Is Better Than No Maintenance

Maintenance is a different concept, but the moral of the story is still the same. If you skipped maintenance this year, then you might be thinking it would be better to just wait for next year. However, there’s something you should know.

On average, an air conditioner loses up to 5% of its efficiency per year of maintenance skipped. This amount is cumulative, which means after four years of skipped maintenance, your AC could raise your energy bills up to 20% for no good reason.

It doesn’t matter how late in the season it is, our AC maintenance services can help stop this from happening and keep your bills low for the next year.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Look, the whole point of this blog is not to push you into services you don’t feel like you need. If you think your air conditioner is running successfully already, then we wish you the best and a happy holiday season.

However, if you’ve gotten this far, then chances are you’re in need of some professional help. We’re concerned with the health and condition of your air conditioner, which means our services are designed to keep them running efficiently and effectively. Let us help you get set up for success!

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