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3 Tips to Replace Your Old Outlets

Outlets serve as a very good metric for how updated and safe a home’s power grid is. For instance, homes require GFCI-protected outlets in kitchens and bathrooms, since they can be very unsafe without that added layer of protection. Or, if you’ve got a whole room with outlets that don’t work, then you might need to invest in a professional electrician to update them, or your home’s electrical system to handle the load.

The important thing we want to cover today is that your outlets might be in rougher shape than you think. And if outlets are in bad shape, then chances are the electrical system behind the scenes is a little outdated as well. Since outlets are the part of your home’s electrical system that you can physically see, they’re a good metric for determining if something is wrong.

Here are three signs that your outlet might be telling you it needs a professional electrician in New Orleans, LA.

Failed Outlets Need to Be Repaired

Do you have a room in your home with pesky outlets that keep failing? Unfortunately, this is pretty common with older homes. Those outlets can lose their integrity and the wires can fray, making them unusable. This can be fixed quickly, but what’s more important is the cause behind the failed outlets.

Sometimes, the cause of a failed outlet can be something like an electrical panel that needs to be upgraded. You won’t really know until you call our team for support to have the problem correctly diagnosed and fixed.

Install GFCI Protected Outlets Where Required

GFCI outlets are the outlets you see with the little “reset” button on them. These outlets are safe to use in rooms with a lot of running water, like kitchens and bathrooms. This is because when water touches the outlet or an appliance that’s plugged into the outlet when it is wet, it will automatically disconnect and prevent an electrical hazard (or fire hazard) from occurring. You’ll thank us later if you have these outlets installed!

Make Sure Your Outlets Are Grounded

Back in the day, it was way less common to have outlets grounded. It was a huge expense and usually, the second story of a house was left ungrounded while the first story was. This was just how things used to be done, and we’re not going to fault anyone for having a home with ungrounded outlets.

However, with newer technology and heavier electrical loads being placed on our homes, it’s more important to get your outlets grounded. It’s cheaper, faster, and we can even ground other stories aside from the ground floor. At this point, modern homes usually have all of their outlets grounded.

Think of it this way–your electrical appliances will thank you when there’s a power surge or a storm. The potential losses you could get from having electrical devices like computers, televisions, and appliances shorting out, are way larger than the cost of having your outlets grounded. So take it from us, make the smart move and ground your outlets!

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