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Risks of Skipping Out on Heat Pump Maintenance

When you have a heat pump in your home, it replaces both your air conditioner and your heater. As a result, it needs biannual maintenance to stay ahead and have any repair needs caught early. We know a lot of homeowners postpone maintenance or skip out on it completely, even with the best intentions.

When you skip out on heat pump maintenance, you face greater chances of needing to schedule appointments for heat pump repair in New Orleans. You can keep reading to learn more about why biannual heat pump maintenance is so important and what could happen when you skip out on prioritizing these appointments.

Potential Lack of Efficiency

Your heat pump will naturally lose a little bit of its efficiency year after year as it ages. This happens because components wear down and need to be re-lubricated, tightened, or replaced. When these minor problems are not addressed, your heat pump begins to consume more energy as it works harder to try and heat or cool your home. 

Regular maintenance appointments are an opportunity to clean your heat pump, re-lubricate parts, tighten bolts and screws, and replace things like belts when needed. All of these small steps go along way toward improving heat pump efficiency and helping your heat pump stay energy efficient without costing more to operate.

Increased Risk of Repairs

Each of the things we listed above can make it more likely that your heat pump will need repairs. When bolts and screws are not tightened all the way or parts are not well lubricated, other parts of your heat pump try to pick up the slack and keep everything operating the way it should. Strain can spread throughout the system until it reaches a point that it is no longer manageable. 

Components can break completely or malfunction and stop working. Regular maintenance is an opportunity to identify these problems early on and fix them before your heat pump breaks down and stops working completely. Skipping out on maintenance means that you’ll be scheduling an emergency service appointment instead of a more convenient maintenance appointment on your own terms.

Shortening Heat Pump Lifespan

Skipping out on heat pump maintenance will also shorten the unit’s lifespan. Even though it’s easy to call us for a repair appointment when something goes wrong, sometimes the strain that leads to repair needs can leave a lasting damage inside of your heat pump. 

Not all of the damage is reversible. Long-term effects may shorten your heat pump’s lifespan so that it doesn’t last as long as it could if it were well cared for with regular annual maintenance. In fact, investing in regular maintenance can actually make your heat pump’s expected lifespan longer.

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