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What You Should and Should Not Do in a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies are never convenient. They usually happen at the worst possible time or when you feel the least prepared. But there are ways that you can prepare now for the unexpected when it comes to plumbing emergencies.

The first step is knowing who to call when a plumbing emergency does arise. You can give our team a call anytime you need an emergency plumber in New Orleans. Keep reading to learn more about other steps you can take to prepare in case a plumbing emergency ever happens at your home.

Do Use the Water Shut-Off Valve

Plumbing emergencies often involve leaks that you cannot stop by turning off a faucet. As long as the leak continues, your home will sustain more water damage. When you locate your water shut-off valve, you can turn off the water source to your entire home and stop a leak in its tracks. You can’t undo the damage that has already been done, but you can keep the problem from getting much worse.

Don’t Panic

It’s easy to panic during a plumbing emergency. You don’t know what to do and you probably feel very overwhelmed by the whole situation. If you’ve already turned off the water supply to your home, you’re one step ahead of your plumbing problem. 

Assess the situation and determine what steps you can take to make progress. Examples may be mopping up water and cleaning the area where your home has sustained water damage. It’s also a good idea to remove any personal items from the area of the plumbing emergency so they don’t get damaged.

Do Your Best to Clean Up

Cleaning up is a very important step following a plumbing emergency. Even if your plumbing issue hasn’t been addressed yet, you need to clean up as much water as you can. The longer that water sits, the more damage that it will do to your floors, walls, cabinets, and other items. 

After mopping up all of the water that you can, use towels or fans to help finish up drying the rest of the area. We also encourage you to use disinfectant cleaners to kill any potential mold spores and reduce the chance of a mold infestation following a plumbing emergency.

Don’t Attempt a DIY Repair

It can be tempting to do a quick search online and find a solution for your plumbing problem. But we encourage you to give our team a call and leave it up to us to fix the problem. Some plumbing emergencies are much bigger than you realize. 

You may think that you have a solution, but it’s possible that you will only make the problem worse. Then you’ll still have to give our team a call for service anyway. Go ahead and call use first so we can address the problem completely and get it fixed the right way. 

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