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What’s Actually in Your Air Ducts?

Dryer vent cleaning

Duct cleaning isn’t just some niche service that only some extremely germaphobic homeowners invest in. In an ideal world, we’d actually recommend that everyone get their air ducts cleaned for the sake of their health, home efficiency, and happiness. While some homeowners will never make that choice, we’d hopefully like to sway you in the direction of a yes with some factual information.

So, in order to educate our audience about the need for duct cleaning services, we need to talk about what exactly we’re cleaning. What kinds of contaminants can settle in your air ducts, and what are they doing in there? This is going to be a vital point to consider when judging how clean or healthy your air is, and whether or not your home is perfect for professional duct cleaning.

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The Contaminants You’re Likely Dealing With

In order for us to fully explain why duct cleaning can be an important thing for your home, we need to talk about the contaminants that are inside of your ducts. If you don’t clean these from your home, you’ll likely be breathing them in and allowing guests and family members to be exposed to them.

  • Dust. Dust is a classic contaminant that exists in every home. It’s nearly impossible to stop dust from entering your home since it usually comes from the human body. However, with proper duct cleaning and good housekeeping practices, you can fend off dust for good. Dust is the most common and abundant contaminant in your air ducts and it’s the first thing we clear out.
  • Mold. Depending on how moist your air is, you could have mold or mildew growing in your air ducts. This contaminant is bad because it propagates using spores that travel through your air. You could even end up with a mold infestation or infection which is never a good thing.
  • Allergens. Do you have family members with allergies? Or perhaps you’ve got pets that have dander? Well, that can usually get caught in your air ducts and get circulated through your home. You’ll have family and friends dealing with brutal allergies all year long unless those contaminants are cleared.
  • Critters. From bugs to furry friends, critters can take refuge in your air ducts because they’re far away from you but in a safe and warm place. Unfortunately, sometimes they can nest there or even get stuck there, so it’s important that you get your ducts cleaned out every once in a while to prevent this type of problem.
  • Dirt and Debris. Dirt or debris are terms we use for outdoor contaminants that can just find their way into your air ducts. Dirt, sawdust, sand, and other contaminants that come from the outdoors can easily clog up your ducts and make your life harder.

Did you know that getting your air ducts actually improves your home’s efficiency as well? Your heater or air conditioner will run better without all those contaminants flowing through them. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started with duct cleaning services!

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