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Your Plumbing Leak Could Contaminate Your Water

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It’s easier for a homeowner to think of their home plumbing system this way: water in and waste out. There’s a line of clean water going into your house known as the main water line, and then there’s the line of wastewater heading out of your house, known as the sewer or septic line. Every single home requires both of these sets because we make water dirty by default and must send it off to be processed or cleaned.

So, you can tell why we’d be concerned if someone’s main water line was getting contaminated from a leak in a drain or sewer line. Contamination is no joke, and our plumbers in Gretna, LA take it very seriously. If you’ve got a leak in your sewer drain, drain pipe, or another wastewater pipe, then you’re going to want a professional to take a look and ensure it’s not contaminating your freshwater line.

Examine the Locations of Your Pipes

The first thing you should examine if you’re concerned about a leak contaminating your water is the location of your pipes. For instance, if a wastewater leak is pooling around a freshwater pipe, there’s a higher likelihood that there’s water contamination.

However, you can rest a bit easier if your pipes are separated and the leak is nowhere near another pipe. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t quickly get your leaking pipe repaired, but at least it’s less likely that you’re dealing with a water contamination problem.

Also, don’t forget to examine the materials of your pipes as well. If in the process of locating a leak, you also determine that you’ve got old lead pipes in your house, you should look to get those replaced as soon as possible. Not only is lead poisoning harmful to your body, but lead pipes are old and haven’t been used for decades. It’s about time you get them replaced!

Get Leaks Repaired Quickly

When you do notice a leak that’s potentially contaminating your main water line, you should definitely call for professional repairs. A plumber will be able to test your water to ensure that it’s not contaminated where you use it, and a pro can patch the leak quickly.

The problem with trying to approach this by fixing it yourself is that you’ll never know with certainty that your water isn’t contaminated. This is risking your family’s health and safety. Invest in professional plumbing services to reap the benefits for the future.

Invest in a Backflow Preventer

Sometimes the contamination can come from your pipes without any leaks being visible at all! This is what we call “backflow,” and it’s when a pipe starts running in the opposite direction, causing contaminated water to mix with freshwater because nothing is stopping this flow. This can happen due to stormwater, gravity, or other kinds of natural phenomena.

A backflow preventer is specifically designed to shut off and lock up when it detects that water is flowing in the wrong direction. As wastewater starts flowing back into your clean water pipes, a backflow preventer will seize and cause the water to halt so that your freshwater remains clean and safe.

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