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Our Mid-Season Heater Check-Up

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Howdy folks! It’s your local favorite HVAC provider checking in to see how your heating system is doing. If you’re happy with your heater and you’ve got no problems to report, then congratulations! We’d like to start off by telling you how great that is and to make sure you take time to celebrate being lucky this winter.

However, we can assume that a few of our readers are struggling with their heating systems. Either it needs repairs, was just repaired, or perhaps just isn’t functioning to the best of its ability. This happens, and we’d like to reassure you that our team is ready and able to help you with your heating needs.

More importantly, we want to bring up the subject of heating maintenance. We know it’s the middle of winter, but a heating tune-up in Marrero, LA could be the perfect thing your system needs in order for it to finish out the year strong.

Heating Maintenance Is Vital

Let’s first address one major concern that homeowners have when they hear us talk about heating maintenance. The first thing we usually hear is “well, this service is optional, right?” And that’s the first mistake.

Heating tune-ups aren’t as optional as you might think. Sure, you can technically “opt-out of them” in the same way that you can opt-out of going to the doctor’s office for your yearly check-up. This is an important service if you care about the following aspects of your heating system.

  • Improved performance. A well-maintained heating system is going to perform better than one that’s been neglected. Professional maintenance is going to ensure that your heating system works as intended without any problems or repair needs getting in the way.
  • Better energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is an important metric, and it’s one that’s taken into consideration when the system is maintained. We’ll make sure your system runs at peak efficiency levels.
  • Longer system lifespan. A heating system can only reach its desired lifespan through years of tune-ups. Sure, you can call for repairs when something goes wrong, but that’s only half of the job. Ball bearings need to be lubricated, parts need to be replaced, and the coils or burners need to be cleaned.
  • Less frequent repairs and headaches. Frequent repairs are not a good sign. They’re usually the sign of either a system that needs replacement, or a heater that’s been neglected and is starting to suffer from increased wear and tear. Maintenance can help limit your repair needs to only once every few years (in most cases), and it will help alleviate the pressure on the system.
  • Peace of mind. This one might be a bit subjective but bear with us. Having a heating system that’s been properly tuned up by professionals just feels better than having one that is left alone. You’ll sleep easier at night and you’ll know that each time you feel the warm air come from your vents, it’s coming from a system that’s well taken care of. This alone is worth the cost of a maintenance appointment!

Call Natal’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical to set up a maintenance appointment today!

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