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3 Common Toilet Problems and Their Solutions

Toilets can undergo a lot of stress over the years, but they’re not optional for our lives. A toilet is one of the most important appliances in your life, just based on how often you use it every day. Sure, we might love our shiny cars and all of the features that come with them, but there are some days a year when we probably won’t drive or use the car at all. Toilets, on the contrary, are used every day and sometimes even multiple times each day. They really are the unsung heroes of our homes.

That being said, when a problem arises with your toilet plumbing in Metairie, LA, the whole family can feel the pain of not having that toilet to use. Locating the problem with your toilet, diagnosing it accurately, and having it fixed will be vital to your home ‘s function.

3 Issues That Might Require Professional Support

First off, we want to say that calling for a professional to deal with your toilet plumbing problem is always a good idea. Many homeowners, especially during this time of year, are too busy to plunge and slave away at their toilet trying to fix a problem. Your time is valuable, and if that means spending some money to call a professional, then we think it’s worth it.

But most of the work comes from deciding whether an issue is something that can be fixed on your own or with the help of a pro. Here are three common issues and how they might require professional support.

A Toilet Clog

Toilet clogs can range in size from small to excessively large. This is just the nature of plumbing systems. Sometimes after a good amount of plunging without professional help, you can remove a toilet clog yourself. Sometimes it can feel like hours of plunging with no real results, and that sounds like a huge waste of time.

Plumbers have specific industrial-grade plungers and other pieces of equipment that can handle toilet clogs of any size.

A Toilet Leak

A toilet leak is going to be a lot more complicated than just a clog. Your toilet bowl could be leaking, the line leading into the toilet could be leaking, and you could eventually deal with a mold infestation if you’re left with standing water in your bathroom. For this, we’d recommend calling a professional ASAP so as not to make things worse.

A Problem With the Tank Components

Have you ever had a broken flapper in your toilet? Or perhaps you’re dealing with your toilet constantly running, but it’s not leaking outside of the tank? This is likely an issue with one of the interior components of your toilet.

Sure, you can try to fix it on your own, but sometimes you might spend more money buying replacement components that don’t fit or aren’t the right material for your specific toilet tank. A professional is going to be able to fix this in record time, minimizing the labor costs, and giving you back the use of your toilet in record time.

Why not open the tank up and take a look for yourself? If the problem seems complicated, or you’d like to not risk making things worse, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us.

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