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Always Trust a Pro for Advice

Doing DIY work around the house is a good way to familiarize yourself with it. Changing the air filter in your heating system or air conditioner, cleaning out the dryer lint, and even plunging or snaking a drain that’s clogged are good ways to learn how your home operates. The more you know, the more likely you are to know when a professional is needed. This is just the way homeownership works!

Unfortunately, electrical work can be a bit different than other home improvement projects. For starters, it can be dangerous when worked on by someone who is untrained and not wearing specific protective gear. That’s always a reason to defer to a professional. But for everyone who might think they can do this work safely, there are a few things they might want to think about before trying to install those wall sconces or dimming light switches.

Trust us, your life might be a lot easier by going with a professional electrician in New Orleans, LA.

There’s a Difference Between Learning and Doing

Look, we’re not in the business of telling customers to just call us and ignore their electrical systems at home. That’s your electrical system and your home, we want you to be well aware of how it works, what’s causing your problem, and what can be done about it. The big difference is that we don’t expect any homeowners to try and do the repairs themselves, that’s a bad idea.

When we talk about defering to an expert’s opinion, we’re talking about learning how your system works and how it needs to be fixed. As long as you don’t cross the line into doing the fixing yourself, then you’re often going to be in good shape.

For instance, if you’d like to install some wall sconces in your living room, or a set of track lighting in your kitchen, you might want to learn how that’s done so you know what to expect cost-wise. But once you start ripping apart drywall, screwing things into your ceiling, and trying to connect wires to each other, you might endanger yourself and cause unforeseen problems that make your life difficult.

Three Reasons to Defer to an Expert

Here are just three unique reasons to defer to an expert for electrical work, instead of doing it yourself.

  • Hidden wires and unaccounted-for components. If you didn’t build your home, then you might not be aware of some of the hidden wires and components lying in the walls and ceilings. These can not only be dangerous to encounter, but they can change the scope of work in certain ways. A professional will never be surprised by something like this, and they can alert you to any changes that might need to be made.
  • Ensuring a clean finish. An electrician can quickly and effectively make electrical installations and repairs with a clean and professional finish. This is good news when you try to sell your house down the line.
  • No tripped circuits or overloaded system. An electrician will always be sure to check your electrical panel to ensure that your home can handle any new equipment or power needs.

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