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Clogged Drains? Here’s Why You Should Think Twice About Using Drain Chemicals

Drain clogs can be a pain. Even worse, they can pose hazards to your health and even damage your plumbing to the point that you need to schedule repairs. But are store-bought drain cleaning chemicals the answer? We encourage you to stay away from store-bought drain cleaning chemicals at all costs.

Instead, give our team a call for all of your plumbing service needs, from tough drain clogs to slab leak detection in Mandeville. We can help with everything. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the dangers of store-bought drain cleaning chemicals and how they can do more harm than good.

Drain Cleaners Are Hazardous

Drain cleaners are made up of very harsh chemicals, such a lye. Just think about it: it takes a very potent solution to break down a tough clog. Having such chemicals in your house is dangerous to begin with. Then when you use them in your drains, you breathe in some of the fumes that waft up into the air of your home. This puts you, your family, and even your pets at risk.

If these chemicals spill, you have to take extra care in cleaning them up so you don’t get any of the cleaners on your skin. Why use drain cleaning chemicals when there are better alternatives? You can sprinkle a little baking soda into your drains and then follow it with vinegar. 

The bubbling reaction can help to break down some clogs. If that doesn’t work, you can try a snake tool instead to pull a tough clog out. If these solutions don’t work, you can give our team a call, and we can use our highly specialized tools to break down even the toughest clogs without any risks.

Drain Cleaners Are Corrosive

Store-bought drain cleaning chemicals don’t just break down tough clogs. They also break down the material of your plumbing fixtures itself. You might think that you’re solving a problem, and maybe you are in the short-term, but you’re also inadvertently causing another, bigger problem. 

The more often that you use these acidic drain cleaning chemicals, the more likely it is that you will face plumbing problems down the road. Instead of calling us for service because of a tough clog, you’ll be calling for a plumbing repair to replace pipes that wore down sooner than they should have.

Drain Cleaners Leave Residue

These harsh chemicals can also leave behind a residue inside of your plumbing system. Aside from causing worry about corrosion, this residue can also make it more likely that you’ll have clogs again in the future. 

The residue can attract particles that stick to the sides of your pipes and eventually form another clog. We know that this sounds counterintuitive to the goal of drain cleaning chemicals, but it’s an important factor to take into consideration.

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