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Low Water Pressure in Your House? Here’s What Might Be Going On

If you’ve been suffering with low water pressure in your house, something serious may be wrong with your plumbing system. It’s easy for water pressure to decrease so slowly over time that at first you don’t notice a difference. By the time you do, the problem could be significant. 

But what is it that’s causing your low water pressure? You can keep reading to learn more about some of the common causes of low water pressure and why you need to call our team to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers in Mandeville, LA. We can get down to the root cause of low water pressure and fix the problem so that it doesn’t happen again.

Potential for a Pipe Obstruction

When there is low water pressure across your entire home, that points to a larger problem in the main water line. Something is blocking the water from being able to get into your home, resulting in lower water pressure. The most common cause of this is a tree root growing through a pipe in your yard. 

It’s also possible for other types of clogs to form, too. Our team can complete a video pipe inspection to pinpoint the exact location of an obstruction so we can access that area of your plumbing with accuracy. Then we can fix the problem and get your water pressure back up to normal.

If you have a pipe obstruction, you may also notice other signs of problems. For example, it’s common to have higher water bills. Some of the water that should be entering your home is leaking out into your yard. That water can also lead to puddles around your yard that seem unexplained.

Risks of Hard Water

If you are experiencing low water pressure in an isolated area of your home—like a single sink, shower or room—that points toward a problem with hard water. When you have hard water, there’s extra mineral content. While you don’t necessarily see these minerals in the water when you pour a glass, They are there. Over time they can create a sediment. All of the sinks and faucets in your home have mesh grates installed that help to capture the larger mineral particles. 

Behind the grate, sediment can build up inside of your faucet and make it seem like there is low water pressure. In reality, water flow is being blocked by this mineral sediment. You can remove this mesh cover and rinse it out and replace it again as often as needed.

Scheduling an In-Home Assessment

It’s better to stay ahead of any plumbing concerns, including low water pressure. Whether you have a problem in one room or all across your home, a proactive approach can help you prevent a major backup or even loss of water to your home. If you put off service, the problem will get worse until you have no choice but to address it.

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