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Get Rid of Your Lead Pipes

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Every plumber in Metairie, LA would probably tell you to replace your lead pipes. There are various different reasons to do this, which we’ll get into down below, but the moral of the story is that lead pipes just aren’t used in plumbing systems anymore. Most lead pipes have already been replaced, and the few that are still in use are way older than functioning pipes should be.

However, the longevity and efficacy of lead pipes aren’t the first things that homeowners think of when they discover that their homes have lead. The most concerning issue that comes to mind with lead pipes is safety, like the effects that can come from lead poisoning over several years or decades.

Today, we’re going to go into specifics about lead pipes and how they can be unsafe. We’ll also talk about lead pipes that might not be a health risk, but can be a plumbing risk when looking towards the future.

Why We Used Lead Pipes

Lead pipes have been used since ancient times, and they’ve been industrially manufactured since the beginning of the 20th century. Lead is a plentiful material that can be found all over the earth’s crust, while also being malleable and sturdy enough to last a long time as a plumbing material. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered lead could leech into the water supply of a home and poison the people living in it.

Lead poisoning is a serious concern. Prolonged consumption of water or food that’s been in contact with lead can lead to numerous health risks and problems with brain development. It doesn’t matter if your pipes run hot or cold water, any water that comes into contact with lead is contaminated, so we highly advise homeowners with lead water pipes to get them replaced as soon as possible.

There Are Better Materials Than Lead

Lead pipes aren’t as good as they used to be. These days we have plumbing materials like PVC and copper which don’t leech chemicals into the water supply and cause harm to our bodies.

PVC is plastic and can only be used for cold water, but it’s an affordable and sturdy plumbing material that will last for 10 years or more.

Copper can last as long as lead pipes, and it’s one of the oldest and most reliable forms of plumbing material on the planet. Copper is malleable at the joints and can be easily fitted into any home that used to have lead pipes.

Lead Sewer Pipes Should Still Be Replaced

Before you relax because your home’s lead pipes are sewer pipes, we’d like to urge you to replace those as well. Sure, you’re not in danger from getting lead poisoning if your lead pipes are only connected to wastewater, but there’s still a problem. Lead pipes haven’t been used for decades, which means your sewer pipes are extremely old and should be replaced regardless. We’re sorry to break this news to you, but it would be better to replace them now than later!

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