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Is Your Home Plumbing Up to Code?

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This is a complicated question to ask. We know that homeowners might not know nearly enough about plumbing code and what constitutes good plumbing practices, but ultimately it’s up to homeowners to call us when they need help. That being said, there are absolutely things that we can talk about that can better inform you against hazardous DIY projects or that can steer you away from amateur plumbers.

This is information that every master plumber, and even journeyman plumbers will know like the back of their hands. This is why it’s so important to have a proper professional at your side for any plumbing in Mandeville, LA. Only a licensed plumber with the right experience will know how to get these necessary jobs done right.

Let’s get into some ways you can notice if your plumbing system isn’t up to code.

Being “Up to Code”

There’s a reason why plumbing code is a thing. If we let every home have their plumbing designed on no code or regulation, we’d have water hazards coming up every minute. Homes would be unsafe, unusable, and water would be extremely expensive. All of these types of plumbing codes are best practices that maximize longevity and efficacy of plumbing systems.

Your Pipes Are Made of the Wrong Material

This is a big problem for homeowners that try to do their own DIY plumbing or who hire an amateur for their plumbing services. There are specific materials that are designed for plumbing systems. Some older materials, like galvanized steel, are not used anymore for how hard they are to manufacture, and how easily they corrode. If your pipes are made of the wrong material, like rubber or galvanized steel, then you should consider a plumbing overhaul.

Your Drains Are the Wrong Size

Believe it or not drains can be too large. A drain that’s too large won’t effectively drain materials in it, just like a drain that’s too small will clog up too frequently. Hire a professional to install or work on your drains so you don’t run into this kind of problem.

There’s Not Enough Space Around Your Toilet or Appliances

Toilets require a certain amount of space around them so they can be used comfortable. If there’s not enough space, a toilet can be used incorrectly, which could lead to homeowners encountering broken toilets, toilet problems, or even a catastrophic leak.

Your Water Shut Off Valve Doesn’t Work

Your water shut off valve is a necessary component of your plumbing system. Sometimes, after years of wear and tear or improper plumbing work, the water shut off valve won’t work as effectively. Get this repaired as quickly as possible to avoid the damages that come with a major leak.

Your Drains Are Sloped Incorrectly

Drains need to be sloped at a particular angle in order to move water and waste effectively. If they’re not, you’ll see a drastically increased amount of clogs, or a drain system that’s unable to get rid of waste easily.

Contact Natal’s Air Conditioning to get your plumbing system up to code. Service honoring the golden rule.

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