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3 Problems Winter Could’ve Caused to Your AC

AC condenser unit
An air conditioner unit outside a brick home in a residential neighborhood. The air conditioner is in a back yard in the hot summer season. Service industry, working class.

It might not seem like it, but winter took a long time. We’re enjoying living in the moment, as temperatures start to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom. But let’s not forget the harsh winter temperatures, the problems we had with indoor air quality, and everything else that occurred this winter.

Sometimes homeowners forget that their air conditioners were sitting in the garage, basement, or crawlspace for the whole winter. Likewise, they believe their system will just magically turn on the way it did months ago, like nothing has changed. While we wish this were the case, some AC systems require air conditioning repair in Slidell, LA or some kind of maintenance because of the wintertime wear and tear.

Let’s talk about a few problems that the stale, winter air could have cause your AC system and what you can do to mitigate the damage.

1. Dust

Dust can accumulate in record numbers during the winter, since we’re stuck indoors with warm, dry air. Unfortunately, this dust is going to enter your air conditioner’s sensitive parts over time and cause the coils to become dirty.

Maintenance services are perfect for this. We can clean your coils, clean the rest of your system, and make sure it’s dust free before you run it for the cooling season!

2. The Outdoor Cabinet

If you’ve got a central AC or a heat pump, or any air conditioning system for that matter, you’ll notice that one part of it has to be outside. We call this component the outdoor cabinet, since it’s always outdoors and looks like a cabinet! Basically, this component is in charge of expelling the hot air during the summer, and even cool air in the winter if you have a heat pump. This component unfortunately deals with a lot of wear and tear from the elements that needs to be addressed.

Take a look around the system. Do you notice scar marks, critter nests, or pebbles and sticks lodged into the system? Chances are, these objects are contributing to the damage and decay of your system. Try to remove as much debris as possible and call our team of experts if it looks like anything has gotten seriously damaged. It’s a good idea to use a tarp or an AC cover during the winter to stop this problem in the future!

3. Drafty Ducts

What happens when you take a water bottle, fill it with water or air, and constantly freeze it and heat it up? The structure of the plastic or metal begins to weaken as the temperature change causes it to expand and contract. It doesn’t really matter what material we’re talking about, over time this weakening occurs with every type of material on earth. Some materials are more resistant to this effect than others, but it’s always going to lead to decay.

Don’t fret, most materials can handle this temperature change pretty easily. However, your air ducts are a prime candidate for this decay. They’re thin, they’re constantly being heated up or cooled down, and they’re out of sight so they’re hard to notice when they run into trouble. Your air ducts could have sprung multiple leaks, holes, gaps, or rips during the winter that’s going to negatively impact your air conditioning. Call our team to have this issue addressed.

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