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3 Holiday Plumbing Tips

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So, the new year is right around the corner and you’ve got some excellent plans. Perhaps you’re doing a close-knit gathering due to COVID restrictions, or maybe you’re planning on seeing family that you haven’t seen in years. Regardless of whether or not you have new years plans, we hope you have a great time and take a second to relax and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

However, if you’re looking at inviting family or friends over for the holiday, you might be nervous about the state of your plumbing system. With a plumbing system that’s as old as your home’s, anything can happen, right?

Well, our team of local plumbers in Marrero, LA can help you. We’ve got a list of three great tips that can help you get through the holiday in one piece. Just don’t forget to call us for help if you encounter a drain clog or some other plumbing concern!

1. Always Use a Mesh Screen When Doing Dishes

Mesh screens are wonderful tools for the holidays, especially when you’re doing the dishes after a large family meal. For those large roasting pans and pots, there can be many food scraps that otherwise end up in the drain and contribute to a clog that might come about at an inconvenient time. This can usually be stopped, or at least heavily mitigated, with the help of a mesh screen.

Don’t just stop at your kitchen drain! Use mesh screens for your bathroom shower drain as well! These components stop things like hair and other materials from getting stuck down the drain and requiring professional assistance.

Just keep in mind that a mesh screen isn’t going to catch everything, and it’s not a replacement for professional plumbing services when you need them. They’re just great at prolonging the inevitable so that you can spend more time with your friends and family!

2. Keep Unflushable Things Out of the Toilet

If you’re excited to see some young nieces and nephews this new year, then we don’t blame you! Kids are always an enjoyable presence to have around when celebrating the holiday season. However, things can quickly turn sour when kids start flushing things down the toilet that they shouldn’t.

Kids aren’t the only culprits who do this. Many adults too will flush paper towels, tissues, and other materials down the toilet assuming they’re fine. Only waste and toilet paper (or sometimes labeled bath tissue) should be flushed down the toilet and entered into your sewer or septic system.

3. Steer Clear of Drain Chemicals

Last but not least, you might feel compelled to skip professional plumbing services this season to use drain-clearing chemicals instead. These are not a replacement for plumbing services and they can often do more harm than good. They’ll corrode the inside of your pipes, cause noxious fumes to spill out into your bathroom, and become a long-standing nuisance for you and your family. Do yourself a favor and avoid them at all costs!

The team at Natal’s HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical can help you with your plumbing needs this holiday season. Call us today! Service Honoring the Golden Rule.

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